Hold High the Torch


The Teacher’s Voice

This student was given the opportunity to represent his school at a community Wreath Laying Ceremony on Remembrance Day. At the event, he met local veterans and heard their stories. This led him to develop an appreciation for Veterans and inspired him to bring their message to other students.

He brought other students together and formed a group called “Hold High the Torch” that works to connect veterans and students, as well as to provide opportunities to show appreciation for all the contributions veterans have made to society.

I am very impressed with the ingenuity and dedication of this student, especially considering this is not a topic that most high school students feel they connect with in such an intense level.


Activity Description

The group has organized a Veterans Appreciation Lunch, a Valentine’s for Veterans event, and a Community Dialogue Town Hall.

Their vision is well-articulated on their website. They also maintain a Facebook group, and have ambitions for developing into a non-profit.

Student Reflection

The student who started the group reflects on the process of getting it off the ground, and issues of leadership and collaboration within the group.


Profile Analysis


Pensée critique et réflexive

Conscience et responsabilité sociales