Teaching and Learning Stories

Some of the most meaningful professional learning comes from connecting with colleagues. These Teaching and Learning Stories come from teachers from across British Columbia. Teachers from various learning areas and grades wanted to share examples of how they incorporated Literacy and Numeracy into their planning, instruction, and classroom assessment processes, and show off their success.

The Teaching and Learning Stories were developed by teachers to share their experiences in using the K-12 Learning Progressions to support student growth in literacy and numeracy through their planning, teaching, and assessment. The Teaching and Learning Stories also include examples of proficient student work and the teacher’s reflection as to why the work is assessed as proficient. Teachers have also included additional reflections on the learning opportunity and/or how they used the BC Learning Pathways to support their planning, teaching, and assessment processes.  

The stories here represent some of the wide variety of teaching and learning happening in BC schools: teaching styles such as inquiry, outdoor education, self-assessment and reflection, play- and game-based learning, place-based learning and community service. Teachers were able to assess and collect evidence of student learning and provide student-centered, strength-based feedback on competency and content development. We hope that these stories inspire personalization to your context.

We thank the teachers, students, and families who provided their stories and examples of teaching and learning in our province.

Teaching and Learning Stories


Field Review will be open from June 2023 until January 2024. We will then collaborate with the teacher development team to review and implement feedback, ensuring that BC Learning Pathways align with teachers' needs. Learn more about sharing your feedback here.