Provincial assessment

Provincial assessments are changing to align with the new curriculum. They provide a snapshot of student performance in key areas and, over time, can help to monitor key outcomes of B.C.’s education system.

B.C.’s provincial assessments remain rigorous and based on learning standards to evaluate student achievement, Core Competencies, and literacy and numeracy skills.

Foundation Skills Assessment

The Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) is a Grade 4 and Grade 7 assessment of reading, writing, and numeracy skills. Because the FSA is an important indicator of future achievement, all students are expected to take part in the assessment.

Foundation Skills Assessment – Grade 4 and Grade 7

Graduation Assessments

Graduation assessments are changing to align with the new curriculum. As part of the updated graduation requirements, students in the B.C. Graduation Program will complete three provincial assessments. These assessments focus on the demonstration and application of numeracy and literacy.

There will be no course-based Language Arts 12 provincial exams after the 2018/19 school year. Students graduating in the 2018/19 school year will take a Language Arts 12 course and associated provincial exam to satisfy graduation requirements for the B.C. Graduation Program.

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