Teaching Younger Students How to Use an App

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The Teacher’s Voice

My class had been working on measurement in Mathematics and wanted to demonstrate what they had learned on the app ‘Shadow Puppet’. The class next door, two years older, helped teach the younger children how to use the app.

Each of the older students was partnered with a younger student and together they decided on what each younger student was going to show. The older students helped them set up different measurement examples and then filmed the little ones demonstrating and talking about what they were doing. The older students had only used the app one other time, so they were often learning alongside the younger students. After the editing process, the finished videos were posted on the younger child’s e-portfolio.


Activity Photo

Teacher Reflection

The older students did a good job collaborating with the younger students and they demonstrated a great deal of patience.


In familiar situations, I cooperate with others for specific purposes.

I contribute during group activities, cooperate with others, and listen respectfully to their ideas. I can work with others for a specific purpose.