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In a class, each student was paired with a ‘daily partner’ who changed each day. Together, they created a daily partner plan that provided an opportunity to get to know classmates they did not typically work or play with.

The partners discussed what they were going to do during recess, drew a picture to represent their plan, and orally described their plan for an adult to scribe. During recess, the partners would play together and try to enact their plans. Students would then met with their partner again to discuss, draw, and write about what happened. This gave them the opportunity to reflect on their plan, the outcome of their plan, and the decisions they made. Some days, partners were successful in staying and playing together and on other days, one partner might run off leaving the other partner alone to manage their emotions and their choices. For example, the student left behind might ask themselves, “Do I look for my partner or do I choose someone else to play with?”

The classroom teacher worked with the School Support Worker (SSW) to support students with their daily partner plans. The SSW was outside with the children during the lunch recess and was available to provide immediate support.


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In familiar settings, I can interact with others and my surroundings respectfully.

I can build relationships and work and play cooperatively.  I can participate in activities to care for and improve my social and physical surroundings. I use materials respectfully. I can solve some problems myself and ask for help when I need it. I listen to others’ ideas and concerns. I can be part of a group and invite others to join. I can identify when something is unfair to me or others.