Osmosis Experiment with Gummy Bears

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Students were asked to work in small groups to design and conduct an experiment that explored the effects of osmosis in gummy bears in salt solutions. The task required students to apply their knowledge of osmosis, cell transport, and semi-permeable membranes as well as their knowledge of the skills and processes involved in designing a scientific investigation.

This group made a hypothesis, selected tools and materials, developed a set of procedures for conducting the four-day experiment, and developed charts for recording observations and data. They then conducted their experiment, adjusting their procedures as necessary. They graphed and analyzed their data, considered sources of error, and generalized and drew conclusions based on their data. They used their generalizations to ask new questions and make new predictions, including whether the effects they observed would also be seen if they used potatoes instead of gummy bears.

After the experiment, each student completed an individual lab report. 


Student Work Example

Profile Analysis

Critical and Reflective Thinking

 I can gather and combine new evidence with what I already know to develop reasoned conclusions, judgments, or plans.

I can use what I know and observe to identify problems and ask questions. I explore and engage with materials and sources. I can develop or adapt criteria, check information, assess my thinking, and develop reasoned conclusions, judgments, or plans. I consider more than one way to proceed and make choices based on my reasoning and what I am trying to do. I can assess my own efforts and experiences and identify new goals. I give, receive, and act on constructive feedback.