Making a Book for Younger Children

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Students frequently interact with books and materials during class. One day, a child is inspired to use material to create a new book that will be suitable for “babies.”


Learning Story

A enjoys reading and listening to books. One day, she asked for the story, Where is Tippy Toes?  After she listened to the story, she went off to play. 

Approximately ten minutes later, A was reading Where is Tippy Toes? to her friend. When finished, she asked the teacher for some white ribbon. She then started to work independently at the art table. After 30 minutes, the teacher walked over and asked her what she was making. 

A said: “I am making my own book. The other book has too many words for the babies. My book has less words.”

Activity Photos

Picture of making a Book for Younger Children


I can initiate actions that bring me joy and satisfaction and recognize that I play a role in my well-being.

I can seek out experiences that make me feel happy and proud. I can express my wants and needs and celebrate my efforts and accomplishments. I have some strategies that help me recognize and manage my feelings and emotions. I recognize and can explain my role in learning activities and explorations, and I can give some evidence of my learning. I can describe how some specific choices can affect my well-being and participate in activities that support my well-being.


In familiar settings, I can interact with others and my surroundings respectfully.

I can build relationships and work and play cooperatively. I can participate in activities to care for and improve my social and physical surroundings. I use materials respectfully. I can solve some problems myself and ask for help when I need it. I listen to others’ ideas and concerns. I can be part of a group and invite others to join. I can identify when something is unfair to me or to others.