Life Is What You Make It

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Students were introduced to the story "A Boy in the Ditch". The story contains material that is both sensitive and thought provoking. Students worked through several questions relating to the topic "Life is What You Make It" prior to reading the story. Following the reading, they responded to additional discussion questions and wrote a multi-paragraph composition based on the prompt "Life is What You Make It."


Student Work Sample



I can identify how my life experiences have contributed to who I am; I recognize the continuous and evolving nature of my identity.

I can identify how my strengths can help me meet challenges, and how my challenges can be opportunities for growth. I understand that I will continue to develop new skills, abilities, and strengths. I can describe how aspects of my life experiences, family history, background, and where I live (or have lived) have influenced my values and choices. I understand that my learning is continuous, my concept of self and identity will continue to evolve, and my life experiences may lead me to identify with new communities of people and/or place.