Inquiry and Action

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Students were given time to pursue their own personal inquiry topic. One student chose to investigate this issue of poverty. Her brother had visited Uganda with his baseball team and had seen extreme poverty. She initiated a fundraising effort by creating homemade crafts and selling them at school and at after-school events. She also made a video to document her journey of self-realization, comparing her life in Canada with life in developing countries.


Student Reflection Video


I can advocate and take action for my communities and the natural world; I expect to make a difference.

I am aware of how others may feel and take steps to help them feel included. I maintain relationships with people from different generations. I work to make positive change in my communities and the natural environment. I can clarify problems or issues, generate multiple strategies, weigh consequences, compromise to meet the needs of others, and evaluate actions. I value differences; I appreciate that each person has unique gifts. I use respectful and inclusive language and behaviour, including in social media. I can advocate for others.