Consoling a friend

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A teacher observes a child consoling his friend who was crying and recorded their dialogue.


Learning Story

D:        Why are you crying?

C:       Cause I miss my dad.

D:        I miss my dad too,

C:        My dad is at work.

D:        My dad is too. Let’s play.

C:        I can't play, I miss my dad too much.

D:        goes and finds C's favorite toy and sits beside him and starts playing, meanwhile he's checking on C and encouraging him to come play. When C finally joined in they laughed and had a great time.

D:        See C it’s fun to play and the more we play the quicker dad will come.

C:        Thank you, D

D:        I’m so glad we’re friends!

D:        (Going over the visual schedule with C):           

Every time we finish something is bringing it closer to home time.


I can be aware of others and my surroundings

I like to be with my family and friends; I can help and be kind.  I can tell when someone is sad or angry and try to make them feel better.   I am aware that other people can be different from me.