Collaborative Writing

Illustration Elements

Illustration Éléments

Illustration Sub-competencies


The Teacher’s Voice

The topic for a school-wide write was “If I were a…” My class chose to write about animals. After the class brainstormed a list of animals, each group of five or six students voted to choose an animal. They then worked collaboratively to write a paragraph.


Student Work Samples

Teacher Observations

The teacher heard and saw things such as:

  • Does everyone like that sentence?
  • Who has not had a turn yet?
  • Body language (thumbs up, raising hands)
  • Students reading the room (other groups) to pick up on cues as to how to work together

In familiar situations, I cooperate with others for specific purposes.

I contribute during group activities, cooperate with others, and listen respectfully to their ideas. I can work with others for a specific purpose.