Apology Letter

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During free choice time, a student wrote an apology letter after kicking down a friend’s tunnel.


Student Work Sample

The transcription reads, “I’m sorry Benny for knocking down the tunnel.”



In familiar settings, I communicate with peers and adults.

I talk and listen to people I know. I can communicate for a purpose. I can understand and share basic information about topics that are important to me, and answer simple, direct questions about my activities and experiences.


In familiar settings, I can interact with others and my surroundings respectfully.

I can build relationships and work and play cooperatively. I can participate in activities to care for and improve my social and physical surroundings. I use materials respectfully. I can solve some problems myself and ask for help when I need it. I listen to others’ ideas and concerns. I can be part of a group and invite others to join. I can identify when something is unfair to me or others.