Review Draft Elements

The competency review drafts consist of a number of elements.
  • The Overview provides background about the core competency, and includes a description of its facets. For example, communication competency has four facets:
    • Connect and engage with others [to share and develop ideas]
    • Acquire, interpret and present information [includes inquiries]
    • Collaborate to plan, carry out and review constructions and activities
    • Explain/recount and reflect on experiences and accomplishments.
  • The graphic emphasizes the concept of expanding and growing. They are progressive and additive.
  • The Set of Profiles contains descriptions of student progress at different stages. The profiles are written from the student’s point of view, reflecting student ownership and responsibility for demonstrating the competencies. The profiles describe how students move from novice to more complex, sophisticated, and independent stages of development.
  • The Illustrations show ways in which students demonstrate some or all of the facets of the core competency. There are multiple illustrations for each profile. The illustrations are based on observations and work samples from BC students from diverse backgrounds and communities.
The competency drafts will be revised based on feedback.