Assessment Development Team RFQ

The purpose of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to add to an existing list of Qualified Suppliers who, on an "as, if and when requested" basis, may be contacted directly, or asked to compete, to enter into one or more Contracts for provision of the services described in this RFQ.

The development of provincial assessments is an ongoing process. In order to develop assessment questions and tasks that meet the specifications of redesigned provincial assessments, the Ministry of Education engages teams of experienced and trained assessment development team members in both English and French. The term can be up to 5 years.

Typically, development teams meet 4-5 times a year in Victoria, Richmond or Vancouver. Each meeting is scheduled for 2-4 days for team members to collaborate. Team members also complete tasks individually, e.g., writing first draft questions and searching for reading passages.

Development team members will be paid professional fees for their services and have their Teacher on Call (TOC) cost and travel expenses covered, including flight or mileage, accommodation, and meal per diem according to government guidelines. The Ministry will provide training on test specifications. The Ministry will provide item writing training and ongoing technical training and oversight.

Applications to become a development team member are set up through a RFQ posted on the BC Bid website. Please monitor BC Bid for our next opportunity to apply.