Mind Map

Illustration Elements

Illustration Sub-competencies:


Students created mind maps to summarize their learning. Students had to analyze what they had learned, make connections between ideas, and synthesize their thinking to produce these representations of their thinking. They reflected on the question: “How does studying changes on the earth reveal secrets from the past and impact our future?”


Student Work Sample

Profile Analysis

Critical and Reflective Thinking

I can ask questions and consider options. I can use my observations, experience, and imagination to draw conclusions and make judgments.

I can ask open-ended questions, explore, and gather information. I experiment purposefully to develop options. I can contribute to and use criteria. I use observation, experience, and imagination to draw conclusions, make judgments, and ask new questions. I can describe my thinking and how it is changing. I can establish goals individually and with others. I can connect my learning to my experiences and efforts and goals. I give and receive constructive feedback.


I communicate purposefully, using forms and strategies I have practiced.

I participate in conversations for a variety of purposes (e.g., to connect, help, be friendly, learn and share). I listen and respond to others.  I can consider my purpose when I am choosing a form and content. I can communicate clearly about topics I know and understand well, using forms and strategies I have practiced. I gather the basic information I need and present it.