Speaker's Corner Rant

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Some of you may remember watching blurbs on television where participants could gripe for 30 seconds about their biggest pet peeves. 30 seconds to rant about those little things that bug them, like guys giving awkward man hugs, people not flushing the toilet in public restrooms, or grocery baggers putting eggs under canned goods. Consider this assignment your opportunity to speak your piece. Unleash yourself on your personal annoyances but remember: grudges against people are not appropriate subjects and humor is a wonderful way to convey your frustrations without making yourself whiny. In fact, Speaker’s Corner is a real place in England, where people, throughout history, have gone to rant about problems, generally ones of some importance.


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Teacher Reflection

This student’s choice of format, the use of language, and the innovative ending created a rant that had an emotional impact on her classmates.

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