Positive Personal & Cultural Identity

Competency Illustrations


We Are All Related

Primary students worked with a group of secondary students on an art piece that was built from the book We Are All Related.  The teacher talked with the children about their families, backgrounds, favourite things, and things they liked to do. The teacher had also requested pictures from each of the families. After the two sessions with the secondary students (who also talked with the younger children about important things), the younger students were interviewed and asked to talk about their pictures. In the video, these children are talking with an adult in their school about what they chose to include on their posters that represented where they were from, their family and things they liked or were good at.

Profile Description Facets

I can identify some of my individual characteristics; I can describe my family, home, and/or community (people and/or place). I can explain what I like and dislike. I am able to explain what interests me.

Personal strengths and abilities, Relationships and cultural contexts