Positive Personal & Cultural Identity

Competency Illustrations


Welcome Centre ELL

Students in an English Language Learner Welcome Centre were encouraged to create a multi-media presentation that shared who they were. This long-term project provided the English language learners with the opportunity to develop and enhance their English language skills as well as express their feelings about the transitions in their lives including their move to Canada, the challenges they encountered here, and what they have been able to accomplish.

A student created this video to share his feelings about some of the transitions in his life including his move to Canada, and what he encountered after moving here.

Profile Description Facets

I understand that my learning is continuous and my concept of self and identity will continue to evolve. I can describe how aspects of my life experiences, family history, background, and where I live (or have lived) have influenced my values and choices. I can identify how my strengths can help me meet challenges, and I understand that I will continue to develop new skills, abilities, and strengths; I can identify how my challenges can be opportunities for growth. I can identify my potential as a leader in the communities I belong to.

Personal values and choices, Personal strengths and abilities, Relationships and cultural contexts